Woman Obsessed with Columbine No Longer A Threat

A young Florida woman, Sol Paris, age 18 spurred a manhunt in Colorado after her obsession with the heinous events of the 1999 Columbine massacre led to her entering the state and threatening a similar violent attack on school students.

Due to the seriousness of the threats, many Colorado schools were forced to close in order to take appropriate precautions.

The threat seems to have been quieted after the perpetrator was found dead via suicide on Wednesday, April 14, 2019.  Her body was recovered Southwest of Denver in the mountainous location of Mount Evans, Colorado.  She appeared to have taken her life by inflicting herself with a gunshot.

Thankfully, Paris is believed to have acted by herself, merely becoming obsessed with the heinous crime that is approaching its 20th anniversary this week.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, before officers recovered the body, as many as 30 officers were scouring the area surrounding Echo Lake Campground.  They had received a tip that a female hiker was forced to abandon her hike after a naked woman with a gun was seen in the immediate wooded area.

Paris allegedly traveled from Miami all the way to Colorado around Monday evening, at which point she purchased a pump-action shotgun and ammunition from a local Littleton gun shop.  Despite her evil intent, she was able to make the purchase completely legally as she had no prior criminal record and thus was able to pass criminal background checks including being fingerprinted.

While out of state persons are not permitted to purchase handguns in Colorado, a nonresident is able to legally buy a long gun from any dealer with a federal firearm license.  She was once again able to be within the parameters of state law as a person must only be 18 years of age to legally purchase long guns, such as they shot gun she purchased.  Colorado law does dictate that handgun purchases are only allowed for residents over the age of 21.

After purchasing the gun, Paris allegedly proceeded to threaten devastatingly violent acts against those in the Denver area within mere days of the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shootings.  She was spotted near Columbine wearing a black T-shirt, camo pants, and black boots.  Authorities were immediately alerted that they should apprehend her and complete a mental health evaluation if she was seen.

Due to the significant threat Paris posed to area school districts and Columbine, a total of 21 school opted to go on lockdown for approximately 3 hours on the afternoon of April 16th.  Many schools further extended security measures by canceling evening activities.  Due to the ongoing threat, school was cancelled for many area students on Wednesday.  Since the  recent discovery of the perpetrators body, school is expected to resume normally on Thursday, albeit heightened security measures.

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