What You Need to Know About Conceal Carry Laws in Colorado

What You Need to Know About Conceal Carry Laws in Colorado

Each state has its own mandates regarding the lawfulness of carrying handguns for protection. With the ever-increasing controversy on gun laws and the rising number of mass shootings, it is important to be aware of the concealed carry gun laws within your state. Residents of Colorado maintain the right to protect themselves, but it crucial to follow the law to avoid prosecution.

Who Can Obtain a Permit?

Colorado residents over the age of 21 are eligible to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

How Do I Apply for a Permit?

Colorado concealed carry permits are issued by the county of residence through application with the sheriff’s department. You may also be eligible to receive a permit through a county sheriff’s office other than the county where you reside if you own or rent property there to run a business.

Will My Background be Checked?

NICS background checks will be ran on anyone applying for a concealed carry permit before approval will be granted. Permits may be denied for certain offenses identified on the background check.

Visitors in Colorado

Those possessing permits but visiting from out of state may conceal carry only if their state in turn recognizes Colorado’s concealed carry permit. Additionally, the other state’s permit will only be recognized in Colorado if the holder is over the age of 21.

Colorado National Forests

Those obtaining licenses to carry in Colorado may conceal carry in state national forests but are still required to comply with federal mandates related to the use of firearms in national forest areas.

Misc. Information

Once you are approved for a license to carry, it is imperative that you carry the permit, as well as a photo ID during all times that a concealed weapon is on your person. Furthermore, Colorado law does not dictate that a person carrying a pistol in their vehicle have a concealed carry permit. Within the confines of a personal residence or vehicle, residents are permitted to have a firearm for protection of self, others, and personal property. When carrying a weapon from the car to a residence it is imperative the weapon be in plain view or this can be considered a violation without having a valid Colorado license to carry. Current and retired law enforcement are legally covered under the law to conceal carry in all 50 states and exempt from laws governing conceal carry. If you chose to carry within your own vehicle without first obtaining a license to conceal carry, be sure to only carry loaded pistols or revolvers. Other guns can be transported but must remain unloaded.

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