Top 10 Worst Crime Towns in Colorado

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Every state seems to have at least a few troublesome towns, boasting of staggering rates of crime. When you think of Colorado, most people think of the picturesque landscape, particularly the beautiful mountain peaks in Boulder.  While there are many desirable areas to live in Colorado, it still has its high crime areas like any other state. Here are the top 10 towns to avoid in Colorado!

Watch Out for Glendale

If you reside in Glendale, be sure to install that home security system as this town sits in first place for property crimes. On top of property crimes, Glendale also boasts of high rates of violent crimes.  You may want to think twice before putting roots down in this dangerous town.

Look Out for Sheridan

When considering that Sheridan is only 8 miles from Denver, it is not surprising it comes in second place for crime. While violent crimes in this area are not as likely, crimes against your property, theft, and arson are still a strong possibility.

Think Twice About Pueblo

While Pueblo is far away from the hustle and bustle of Denver, it still comes in third place for crime. You face a high risk of falling victim to either violent crimes or property crimes if you are brave enough to make your home in Pueblo. Sadly, these two categories of crime have amped up significantly over the past two years.

Be Cautious in Lakewood

Lakewood, Colorado, another town close to the infamous Denver is 4th on the list for crimes. This is unsurprising when considering that Lakewood is number five on the list of most populated Colorado cities. This city is also known for its property crimes which continue to creep higher each year.

Tie Down Your Goods in Alamosa

Don’t take your eye off your property for one second in Alamosa. This little town comes in with the 5th highest crime rate. The top crimes consist of arson and theft.

Watch Your Back In La Junta

If you decide to reside in La Junta, Colorado be prepared to be at risk for a variety of crimes. This number six town for crime is notorious for violent crime, as well as property crime. Its rap sheet doesn’t stop there, it is also known for crimes of theft and arson.

Beware of Grand Junction

Grand Junction comes in 7th on the most dangerous scale. This town has thankfully avoided an increase in crime over the past several years, although it has not made any progress in decreasing crime either. Violent crimes and property crimes continue to flourish in this Colorado town.

Violence Everywhere in Federal Heights

This rapidly growing Colorado town has seen a great increase in crime, particularly violent crime. As the population expanded so did the crime rate.


Denver, Colorado is unsurprisingly made it on the list. This offender boasts of high rates of violence, although this remains one of the most sought out places to live in all of Colorado.

Last but Not Least Trinidad Trinidad Colorado fills the number ten spot for most dangerous Colorado towns with a history of violent crime, as well as property crime.

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