The Most Ridiculous Colorado Laws

The Most Ridiculous Colorado Laws

It seems that every state has some crazy laws.  Whether they are severely outdated laws that have remained subtly in effect or just plain ridiculousness, Colorado has its fair share of crazy laws.  Test your knowledge to see how many of these crazy laws you were already aware of.  If you are looking for a laugh and further educating yourself on your state’s laws, this list is for you.


For folks living in Denver, it is illegal to loan out your vacuum cleaner to your next-door neighbor.  Ironically, it is perfectly legal to loan out your vacuum to someone else further down the street, just avoid that next-door neighbor

RUI (Riding Under the Influence)

If you thought Colorado drinking laws were crazy before, consider that is illegal to ride a horse if you are under the influence.  Just when you thought you were safe to get a little tipsy on the farm you find out you could be breaking the law!


Just in case you were considering throwing a missile at your arch enemy, you should be aware that it is against this Colorado town’s laws to throw a missile at a vehicle.  Have they not considered that missile throwing is illegal everywhere!?

Forget Selling Cars on Sunday

Colorado law still follows tradition and prohibits the showing of cars on Sundays.


In Boulder there must be no boulders.  In all seriousness, it is illegal to move a boulder onto a city property in the town of Boulder, Colorado.  Oh, and forget owning patio furniture or getting in touch with your redneck roots.  Couches on the porch are yet another thing illegal in Boulder.


If you are going to reside in Pueblo, be sure to stock up on weed killer.  Apparently, it is illegal to have dandelions growing within city limits.


If you are planning on living in Aspen, I regret to inform you that you will need to abandon your catapult.  It is not surprisingly a crime to fire your catapult at a building.


If you decide a mutilating a rock sounds like a fun time, think again.  It is illegal to mutilate a rock in any Colorado state park.


If you are into premarital hanky panky scratch Alamosa off your list.  It is illegal to have a house designed for sex between unmarried persons.  Looks like the local motel will have to do.


In Louisville forget about raising your own fresh chicken.  Instead consider turkey as it is legal to have up to three turkeys.  Just don’t even think about raising a chicken.

Logan County In Logan county, consent has been taken a step further prohibiting a man from kissing a sleeping woman.

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