The Top 8 Colorado Towns for Divorce

The Top 8 Colorado Towns for Divorce

Anyone who has ever been married is painfully aware of the difficulties of marriage and just how easily one could find themselves in divorce court. It is commonly reported that as many as one in two marriages will fail. With the ever-increasing demands of modern life and temptations like we have never seen before, divorce has become an epidemic, tearing apart our homes, lives, and children. While divorce is plaguing the country as a whole, if you happen to live in one of these eight Colorado towns, your odds of marital bliss just plummeted a bit more.


The quaint town of Salida, Colorado makes it to the number one spot with a staggering divorce rate of 21.5%! When considering it holds the number two spot for the drunkest town in Colorado is it really all that surprising the same town has such an influx of marital difficulty!?

Grand Junction

The number two spot goes to the town of Grand Junction, Colorado which comes in at a 12.8% of their population being divorced. Even more alarming is that this town also makes the list of the 10 ten cities in America for divorce.


Another unforeseen Colorado town is Pueblo also making the list as a top ten U.S. city for divorce, as well as boasting of a 13.4% divorce rate.

Wheat Ridge

Yet, another city that makes it onto the drunkest cities in America list. Wheat Ridge also exhibits a shocking rate of divorce at 18.13%.


This beautiful mountainous town may seem the least likely of candidates, but this wolf in sheep’s clothing has a staggering rate of divorce at 17.81%


This beautiful suburb of Denver has another frightening statistic, a 16.6% divorce rate.

Fort Lupton

If you needed more proof that divorce can happen to anyone, anywhere check out the statistics for Fort Lupton. This small, family friendly town can keep up with the best of them. Sadly, their divorce rate is not much below that of the suburbs coming in at 15.05%.


Not terribly surprising, Colorado’s most major city makes the list. In a place so large and filled with people, it is natural to expect a large percentage of divorces. Denver comes in at a 11.3% rate of divorce which is not so bad considering Fort Lupton’s much smaller population.

While it is unfortunate, as well as alarming to consider these high rates of divorce, there is some better news; Colorado’s current divorce rate is lower than it has been in a decade. It has dropped to 4% for every 1,000 people in the Colorado population, making us think maybe there is some hope for marriages after all.

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