Is Street Racing Illegal in Colorado?

In Colorado, street racing is highly illegal.  Despite this, it has not deterred illegal street racing from being a consistent problem for the state.  Statistically speaking, the US sees an average of 37,000 fatal vehicle crashes yearly.  Up to as many as 1/3 of deadly accidents are a direct result of breaking the speed limit.  The higher the rate of speed, the higher your chances are of being a fatality in a crash.  Fatality as a result of illegal street racing, differs from most other fatal car crashes as they typically happen on urban streets.  Fatal street racing accidents most often occur at speeds above 65 mph.

What Is Illegal Street Racing?

Street racing encompasses several illegal racing activities.  It can be spontaneous racing with another vehicle or any illegal racing event that has been formally organized, which includes marked distances on public roads, as well as spectators in attendance.  As video games and movies continue to portray street racing in a positive light it continues to spur a surge of illegal street racing with deadly consequences.

Statistics prove that the most predominant cause of death for young people between 16-20 years of age is vehicle accidents.  Interestingly enough, this is the typical age for most people engaging in street racing activities.  Statistics also show that out of 1,000 people engaging in street racing, at least 49 will be killed or significantly injured as a direct result of the activity.

Street racing is dangerous for many people other than the person engaging in the sport.  Any spectator at an illegal racing event may become injured as they are in too close proximity to the action without protective barriers.  Other innocent pedestrians or motorists may become unsuspecting victims, sustaining injuries or even being killed due to spontaneous acts of street racing.

Penalties for Illegal Street Racing

Street racing is a serious offense no matter what municipality you find yourself in.  Specific consequences do vary slightly depending on the region.  As a general rule, fines can be as much as $1,000 for the street racing itself.  Additionally, you may face extensive fines in the form of speeding tickets.  Other consequences include time in jail, loss of license, and vehicle impounding.

Colorado law dictates that being involved in street racing that occurs on the highway or a public street carries with it a Class 1 misdemeanor traffic offense.  It is also possible to acquire a Class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense if you drive a vehicle in a way that is considered a display of speed exhibition.

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