Denver Manhunt for Army Veteran Continues

Denver Manhunt

The atrocities of war damage many of our brave veterans, often leading to homelessness, alcohol problems, and a host of other mental health issues.  For others, it is if they are no longer the same person.  For a few, the horrors of war seem to take out every ounce of good left and turn a person towards a life of crime.  After becoming desensitized to normal human emotion, lines may be crossed.  Tactics learned during military service can further perpetuate the execution of a plan to commit a crime and get away with it.

Mississippi resident and fugitive, Jason Blair Scott, age 42 allegedly has turned to a life of crime after 11 years of service in the United States Army.  He is currently being hunted by U.S. Marshals in Denver, Colorado where he is suspected of hiding out since fleeing from police in Alabama around July 30, 2018.  He is suspected of hiding out in Denver as he has several family members who reside there, including his mother and siblings.  During the month of December, U.S. Marshalls talked to an employee at a Denver apartment complex, with the person reporting that they had seen Scott.

Scott is alleged to be responsible for raping a child and is believed to have faked his own death in order to escape imprisonment.  He had agreed to plead guilty in the rape of 14-year-old, female from Mississippi, before fleeing from law enforcement.  He allegedly raped the teen over a dozen times.

Even though evidence surfaced to suggest Scoot committed suicide while sailing the Gulf of Mexico, much suspicion was aroused over missing evidence at the scene.  Investigators recovered a dinghy which had both a suicide note and a gun.  The raft was found floating in the water without Scott, with the gun tied to the side.

Investigators are not convinced of Scott’s death as no body was ever able to be recovered, despite an extensive search.  Additionally, the normal signs of suicide such as blood, hair, skin, bone, and brain matter, were simply not present.  Even more suspicious was the gun securely tied to the boat.  The entire scene appeared to be staged as if Scott were trying desperately to convince others of his death, that by all accounts did not occur. Sadly, Scott suffered from PTSD after serving in the Army from 1996-2007.  If he is apprehended and convicted by a jury of the rape, he will face a sentence of life in prison.

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