Colorado’s Summer Season Brings With it More DUIs Than any Other Time of Year

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With summer just around the corner, Colorado drivers are already feeling the heat—and it’s not just the heat of the sun, but also the heat of the law since every year during Colorado’s summer season there are more DUI arrests than any other time.

Why are there more DUIs in Colorado’s summer season?

There are many theories on why this increase in Colorado DUIs occurs during summer. Here are a few of them:

Colorado’s summer season causes people to want to drink more. It’s a commonly held belief that when the sun comes out, so too do the cold beers. Particularly among young drivers who are not as likely to be monitoring their alcohol consumption. This can therefore cause more drivers to get behind the wheel, since many are not monitoring their increased consumption. Colorado’s summer season creates more socializing opportunities. In summer, the warmer weather and longer days often means that more socialization will occur. In these instances, people have more of an opportunity to consume alcohol and therefore run the risk of obtaining a DUI.

Colorado’s summer season includes one big holiday—the fourth of July. We all know the story with this one. The Fourth of July is often associated with heavy drinking at organized events leading to two things: people who have consumed alcohol and people who need to return home. This creates problems when it comes to drunk driving.

Colorado’s summer season is also out-of-school season. During summer, more young drivers are on the road as their schooling is not in its regular session. At this time, a higher number of young drivers may be on the road leading to the potential to be arrested for a DUI. Finally, Colorado’s summer season often comes with increased patrols. Of course, with all of the above factors at play it only makes sense that police presence would be increased. So, if you’re on the road in Colorado during summer season, you may be more likely to be pulled over than any other time of the year.

Summer season DUI statistics

According to Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc (AMS)—the world’s leading provider of alcohol testing technologies for the criminal justice industry—some interesting summer season statistics are as follows:

Teens are more likely to try alcohol for the first time in July than any other month Underage drinkers drink 11% of the U.S. drinking supply at this time June, July, and August are the most fatal months of the year for underage drunk drivers The third most popular drinking day, after New Year’s Eve and Christmas, is the fourth of July.

Of course, knowing the increased risk of getting a DUI in Colorado’s summer season can only help you so much. If you have already been charged with a DUI, then don’t waste any time in contacting a lawyer to help you beat the charges so that you can continue to enjoy your summer stress free.

Guest post submitted by Emilio De Simone, from one of Colorado’s leading DUI firms, DUI Law Firm Denver.

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