Colorado Man’s Acts of Domestic Violence End with Foul Play

Colorado Man’s Acts of Domestic Violence End with Foul Play

In an all too common, yet harrowing tale of domestic violence, a Colorado man has been apprehended in the murder of the mother of his child.  On Monday, Patrick Frazee was charged with murder and solicitation to commit murder in relation to the missing persons case of Kelsey Berreth the murder’s fiancé.

The perpetrator was arrested at his Florissant, Colorado home on Friday, December 21, 2018.  His official court appearance took place on Monday, December 31, 2018 at which point he became aware of the charges against him in a court hearing.

Allegedly, Frazee attempted to hire a hitman to take Kelsey Berreth’s life at least three times between the months of September and November.  He is allegedly responsible for taking her life sometime between Thanksgiving and the immediate period after as is stated by the charging document.  The last known sighting of the victim was recorded on a grocery store surveillance tape on Thanksgiving Day.  The couple’s daughter was also present with the victim on the video footage.  It appears things took a ghastly twist when the couple met over Thanksgiving to trade turns with the child.

The child is currently residing with family members of her mother’s.

No information has been released regarding the remains of Berreth’s body.  Additionally, law enforcement is keeping quiet regarding the meaning behind the triple soliticiation charges.  Thus, it is inconclusive whether this means Frazee attempted to contract three people to take Berreth’s life.

Due to the possibility of the involvement of others, it is not known whether other arrests will occur.  At the current time, no additional arrests have been reported.

Allegedly there is evidence to suggest the murder of Berreth took place at her own home in the small mountain town of Woodland Park.  Although, law enforcement was able to track her cellphone for three days following Thanksgiving, with the phone pinging in Gooding, Idaho.

The FBI and Colorado law enforcement are working together in this case and have requested the help of the Twin Falls law enforcement (close to Gooding, Idaho) to add in the preparation and serving of search warrants, in addition to the processing of evidence related to the case.

No information has been released regarding the evidence obtained as documents related to the evidence against Frazee are currently sealed.  The accused is currently facing a hearing on Friday.  Even lawyers must wait until Monday to get copies of the evidence against Frazee and are at the mercy of a judge who will determine when they may discuss the information with the perpetrator.

The information remains secret in the interest of the case as investigation is still in progress.

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