Colorado Man Arrested in Connection with Murders of Wife and Children

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Monday August 13, 2018 was a horrific day in the lives of local Frederick, Co residents Shannon Watts and her two young daughters. They were reported missing by a seemingly distraught husband and father, Chris Watts. By Wednesday, Chris had been arrested on suspicion of the murder of his family and taken to Weld County Jail. This was a surprising twist to the case as Chris had begged for their safe return only days earlier during an interview.

By all accounts to outsiders, this family was the picture of bliss. Seemingly happy via Facebook and in front of others, the community was shocked that such a horrific display of deadly domestic violence took place inside the family home. The brutality was especially grisly as Shannon was expecting the family’s third child, which also died along with her.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, it is believed both mother and children were killed at the family home on Monday. The bodies of Shannon and the girls were recovered close to one another on Thursday at a local oil and gas company, Chris had previously been employed by. A further ghastly display consisted of the children’s bodies being recovered from an oil well, filled with crude oil.

Allegedly, Chris confessed to the murders soon after his arrest. He made his first appearance in court on Thursday were he was denied the possibly of bond. He is currently facing six potential charges which consist of three counts of first-degree murder, and three charges in relation to tampering with evidence.

The police continue to work diligently to put the pieces together regarding what took place on that fateful night. Although, there was known to be a serious of financial problems, including a bankruptcy in 2015, were financial problems enough to set off such a violent series of events?

While initially, police did not have an a motive, a recent twist has reportedly developed. Allegedly, there was problems in paradise, with husband and wife having an emotional conversation the morning prior to the murders. Supposedly, Chris had went as far as to suggest ending the marriage. Allegedly, there may have been an online affair that had developed between Chris and another man, although this has not been independently confirmed.

Whatever happened on that fateful Monday night may never be fully known, but it is clear through the selfish and brutal acts of one man, the beautiful lives of three children (one unborn) and their mother were snuffed out far too soon. It goes to show you never know what truly goes on behind closed doors. If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic abuse, reach out for help! It is too late to save this family, but your story does not have to end this way. There is never an excuse for domestic violence!

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