Colorado Laws Governing the Possession, Use, and Sale of Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana Lawsin Colorado

There has been much hype in recent years related to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and limited other states. While the substance is now fully legal in the state of Colorado, there are still many regulations dictating who can use, as well as how much each person is permitted to posses at any given time. It is important to understand these laws as to avoid any legal violations. Just as alcohol and cigarettes are regulated for consumer and public safety, cannabis is no different.

Age Restrictions

Much the same as laws regulating alcohol, Colorado laws dictates that only those age 21 and older can legally purchase marijuana. Similar to purchasing alcohol or cigarettes, a state issued ID will need to be presented at the time of purchase to prove one’s age.


Colorado laws allows each person over 21 to possess 1 ounce of THC at any given time. Additionally, users are permitted to partake of other forms of cannabis including edibles, topicals, and concentrates. Colorado residents may purchase up to 28 grams each day. Marijuana seeds can also be purchased for personal use. Those over the age of 21 may possess up to 6 plants in their personal residence, with no more than three plants flowering at one time.

Out of State Visitors

While recreational cannabis is still illegal in most states, those coming in from neighboring states may legally partake of marijuana while they remain in the state visiting. Obviously, it is still illegal to transport the substance across state lines when such visitors return home. As of 2016, visitors are now permitted by law to purchased up to 28 grams in a single transaction.

Possession vs. Retail

While it is fully legal for a those in Colorado to posses as much as 28 grams in one day, retail sales are another entity entirely. Beginning in 2016, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division has enacted Marijuana Equivalency guidelines which regulate other forms of Marijuana. These polices state that a 1oz Flower equals 8g of Concentrate, Shatter, Wax, etc. and a 1oz Flower equals 800mg of Edibles. These regulations were put into effect to deal with the differing amounts of THC in varying forms of marijuana. This policy functions to make concentrations an apples to apples comparison, instead of simply going by amounts which creates an apples to oranges comparison.

Hours of Operation

Dispensary hours are dictated by the state. They are typically open from 8am till 12 pm. There is a loophole within city legislation. Each city is able to enact laws regarding hours of operation. Depending on the city, some will close earlier, and some will remain open until midnight.

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