Colorado Animal Cruelty Laws

Colorado Animal Cruelty Laws

In a day in age, where there are constant atrocities occurring all over the world, an often- overlooked part of our society is our furry friends. We focus on the many social issues that impact children and adults but often forget that many animals also suffer great abuse at the hands of cruel owners. It is hard to imagine that anyone could abuse a defenseless pet, but thankfully Colorado has strict laws and appropriate consequences for anyone who chooses to hurt one of these dear family members.

Colorado law defines animal cruelty in very clear terms. Any act of torture, killing, or multination of an animal is illegal. Additionally, beating, tormenting, depriving animals of necessary items, committing sexual acts, physical harm, negligence, and/ or abandonment is included under Colorado law.

Thankfully, anyone abusing any animal will face dire consequences. For those being convicted of a first offense, consequences may include a mandatory anger management treatment program, a 6-12-month jail sentence, and/or $500-$5,000 fine. Those who were ordered into treatment will automatically be fined $500. A first offense will be categorized as a Colorado class 1 misdemeanor.

Second time offenders will face more severe consequences and be categorized as a Colorado class 6 felony. People facing these charges can spend between 1 and 11/2 years behind bars. Furthermore, fines will increase beyond the low fines of a first offense to a much greater minimum of $1,000-$100,000 if convicted.

Animals who are believed to abused with appropriate probable cause will be removed from the home by a peace officer. The animal will either be impounded or euthanized if a licensed veterinary believes the animal will not be able to make a recovery.

If you realize someone you know is abusing an animal, please do not hesitate to report this matter. Animals do not have a voice to cry out for help. If we do not speak up for the defenseless, who will?

Sadly, in an attempt to rescue abused animals, at times people are falsely accused of animal cruelty when in reality an animal was simply injured in a true accident. There are many adept criminal law attorneys in the state of Colorado that can help to defend those falsely accused of this crime. Lawyers are also able to help those convicted of a cruelty crime receive the penalty most productive to preventing a further offense. The abuse of animals is never an acceptable act, but there is hope for rehabilitation even for those accused of this horrific act.

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