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Judgement Still Pending as gang-rape Case Brings Death Threats to the Presiding Colorado Judge.

Crimes of sexual assault and rape against children are especially harrowing and hard to digest in the legal world. And when the followers of a 2016 gang-rape trial were unhappy with the sentencing decision that was made for…

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Are the 2018 Lightened Sexting Laws a Bad Idea?

While you or I might think that sexting is harmless fun for long distance relationships or the occasional bored afternoon, the same cannot be said for teenagers. Sexting was once a favorite past time of many youths, but the increase…

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Colorado Soon to Be the Only State Without a Sex Offender’s Registry

If you have not heard of Michael McFadden then perhaps you do not have children living in Colorado. McFadden is a 46 year old man who was convicted on six charges of sexual assault against children and was …

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Revenge Porn Law in Colorado


Just like any other state in the United States, Colorado has a legal structure that attends to crime and other legal issues in the state. There has been recent concern generated due to the increase in cases of…

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