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What You Need to Know About Colorado Dangerous Dog Laws

Are you aware that Colorado has implemented an actual law governing dangerous dogs?  While, some people may think this law puts too much power into the hands of the state, Colorado takes dog related injury very seriously.  Thus,…

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Colorado Law Governing Child Abuse

It is hard to imagine anyone hurting a sweet, innocent child but unfortunately, we live in a world full of atrocities.  Everyday, children are hurt physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Colorado law takes any form of child abuse extremely…

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Is Street Racing Illegal in Colorado?

In Colorado, street racing is highly illegal.  Despite this, it has not deterred illegal street racing from being a consistent problem for the state.  Statistically speaking, the US sees an average of 37,000 fatal vehicle crashes yearly.  Up…

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Colorado Laws Governing Religious Freedom in Schools

Prayer in school is a controversial topic.  The issue is met with a variety of responses, with some favoring the interpretation of the first amendment to mean a guaranteed right to practice their religion even within public schools. …

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Colorado Abortion Laws

Abortion laws are currently a hot button topic as many states are reexamining their laws.  Much controversy continues as laws have tightened up in many states.  Many people are left wondering what the current laws are for their…

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Colorado Car Seat Laws

Car seat laws vary from state to state.  As research continues, laws have consistently become more stringent in order to offer the best protection for our children.  If you are a parent in Colorado, it is imperative you…

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Colorado Laws Governing Marital Property

If you find yourself facing the dreaded words of a spouse wanting a divorce, you may be overwhelmed with all the changes to come.  You may have many questions, wondering if you will lose everything you’ve worked for…

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Is Euthanasia Legal in Colorado?

Is Euthanasia Legal in Colorado

The term euthanasia can evoke a variety of emotions.  This controversial topic is passionately defended by both camps; those who see it as dying with dignity and those who see it as helping another commit suicide.  Since, some…

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Understanding Colorado Gun Laws

Gun Law

In the current atmosphere, nothing brings more division and strife than our country’s gun laws.  This is further compounded by the nonuniformity of various state laws.  Colorado has many laws in place to protect both your rights and…

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Top 10 Worst Crime Towns in Colorado

Top Crime

Every state seems to have at least a few troublesome towns, boasting of staggering rates of crime. When you think of Colorado, most people think of the picturesque landscape, particularly the beautiful mountain peaks in Boulder.  While there are…

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